Curriculum Vitae

ASHLEY JOHN GRANVILLE RYE Date of Birth: 28/11/55
29 Cortis Rd., Roehampton
London SW15 3AF Telephone No: (0208) 789-2378



1973 – 1974 St. Martin's College of Art
Foundation course

1974 – 1977 Goldsmith's College of Art
Vocational certificate in Art and Design
(Equivalent to Graphics Diploma)

1977-1980 Royal College of Art
MA in Illustration


EXPERIENCE (Note: some private individuals are initialed respecting confidentiality. If you would like more information please contact me privately)

After leaving the Royal College of Art with my degree in 1980 I commenced conte crayon portraits for Dressmaker I. S. of Cliveden Place. This led to a series of trompe l'oeil Murals in Chelsea, Knightsbridge,and elsewhere, including a garden party scene with strawberries and champagne for catering specialist Cathy Brian in World's End in 1997.
In 1986 I painted a series of marbleized antique 'book-chests' for Gunilla Stanley's Decorations company in Kensington, and a series of commissions painting/stencilling shutters followed.
In 1990 I worked for Dragons of Walton St painting trompe children's furniture, then collaborated with specialist painter D. W. on children's murals for John and Leslie G. of Cheam, Surrey. Further children's murals for different clients resulted, including a Beatrix Potter-style child's bedroom mural for Dominic Freud in New York. In Detroit I painted a tiled restaurant mural for B. S.
Oil Portrait commissions for model N. D. of Eaton Square followed. Two of these were gifts for Sir J. and Lady S. A, and K.P.
Mural commissions followed with a classical orientation, for example the Italianate hall shutters and bathroom mural work for Mrs V. M. in Parkside, Wimbledon, 1990, and the Hall mural in Falcon House, also in Parkside.
In 1994 I worked on a window display painting of cherubs and hats for the Harrods Hat department featuring work from the degree show of the Royal College of Art.
In 1995 I painted a watercolour for estate agents Knight, Frank & Rutley, one of a series for Knight Frank and estate agents in general. Around this time a number of oil painting commissions followed for a South African client featuring oil painting reproductions of Victorian and Scandinavian still lifes, Natural History Engravings, etc. Further oil portrait commissions were also undertaken.
In 1996, participating in extensive restoration work by Lewis Burton on a caravan belonging to the son of J. H. I painted ornate fleur de lys designs, restoring the caravan's original colourful appearance as part of a circus.
In 1997 I painted the courtyard of Emma Freud's Notting Hill home (the blue door of which became popularised in the film 'Notting Hill' with a
menagerie of ducks, a jersey cow, piglets, pigeons, a black ram, tiger and giraffe. This mural featured in the Sunday Times Colour Supplement, and more recently a nursery in her Holland Park home was painted with popular children's characters.
In 2000 I collaborated with specialist painter Peter Fletcher on a conservatory mural for Lady M.
During the same year I formed a working partnership with artist Vivienne Francis and have worked with her on various art commissions, most noteable being a two-month long contract to decorate several rooms in a large private villa in Beaulieu, South of France.

Furniture is sometimes painted in conjunction with mural work, and a wide range of specialist paint effects are also undertaken, in addition to portraits.

I am currently working on a series of double oil portraits, including children, for Mrs. K. T.



Janet and Paul Czainski
Trompe l'oeil mural, decorative grisaille work on porphyry-painted panels, gilding, etc., in a villa in Beaulieu, near Nice, Cote d'azur. Extensive team work.

Maecenas Decorations
South Kensington
Extensive mural work undertaken for private swimming pool surround
in Dublin, and a domed Islamic tile mural painted in epoxy resin.

Matthew Freud
China Corner, Blenheim Palace Estate
White oriental-style trellis swimming pool mural in a conservatory, and a nursery mural featuring Captain Pugwash.

L. M., Vauxhall.
Trompe l'oeil conservatory mural painted
in an extension of their house near Victoria.

Sir Clement Freud
Upper Montagu St.
Trompe l'oeil rendering of a cuckoo clock in his study.

Emma Freud
St. John's Avenue, Holland Park
Nursery mural involving Winnie the Pooh, Mowgli from the Jungle Book, and various other popular characters and themes.

Mrs. A. C.
122 Victoria Drive, Wimbledon
Kitchen Glazing

Faith Panton, Interior Designer
70 Riversmeet, Hertford
Oriental stencilling on cupboards for Hong Kong Client

Mrs. K. K., antique dealer,
Falcon House
36 Parkside, Wimbledon
Italianate Hall Mural with stone arches, Tuscany countryside, a Siamese cat and a monkey.

Mrs.C. B.
Catering Specialist
16 Hobury St. Chelsea
Garden Mural involving a party with strawberries and champagne, vine trellis etc.

Emma Freud's Notting Hill Gate home.
Courtyard Mural with a full compliment of farm animals painted on the garden walls, as featured in the Sunday Times Colour Supplement.

Lewis Burton
Extensive restoration work by Lewis Burton on a caravan belonging to the son of Jim Henson (creator of the Muppets) resulted in ornate fleur de lys designs, restoring the caravan's original colourful appearance as part of a circus.

Assistant to Nick Esch
Mural in the style of Pompeii for a Saudi client in Upper Brook St.

Knight, Frank, and Rutley.
Watercolour of property in Chelsea.

Window display painting of cherubs and hats for the Hat department featuring Royal College of art degree show work.

R. and D. M.
Hall dragging effect in pastel creamy parchment colours.

V. M.
Coach House Lane, Parkside,
Marbleing and paint effects in Bathroom, Mural and rennaissance-style portraits on hall shutters.

Equinox Astrology Shop,
Covent Garden
Watercolour design for Zodiac Wheel subsequently featured on their products.

Dragons of Walton Street Ltd.
Painted children's furniture, including a trompe l'oeil table with a tea service and cake, lace mat, etc; trompe cupboard doors with Victorian Dolls.

Gunilla Stanley, Interior Designer,
'Decorations', The Little Boltons,
A series of 'antique book' style chests, painted like leather with marbleized interiors.

J. and L. G.
Cheam, Surrey
Two children's bedrooms with handmade carpets painted with individual themes, 'fairyland'
and children dancing round a maypole. Beds, trunks, and cupboard painted to match.

I. S, Dressmaker,
Cliveden place, Sloane Sq.
Conte and watercolour portraits of dachsund and young son, followed by a garden trompe l'oeil mural with arch, stone balustrade, and perspective garden scene with fountain.