Ashley's Italianate Shutters

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Featuring Renaissance-style shutters and mural work for Mrs. V.M., Parkside, Wimbledon.

Some of this work will be featured in an upcoming issue of Country Life.


These are painted in oils, and depict merchants and landscapes in Florence & Tuscany during the

Renaissance. The border decorations are gilded, and the backs of the shutters, not visible here,

have a different design derived from the so-called 'grotesque' style found on ceilings of the period.

Apart from the odd imp and shifty-looking tyrant, these ornate floral decorative fantasies did not

seem to me to deserve such a description. There is something wonderful and exuberant about this style,

and later we found ourselves painting similar organic scrollery on faux porphyry panels in the Cotes d'Azur.





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